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A Breath of Fresh Air

Heartland Hospice team members are determined to seek out community resources and assistance for Heartland Hospice patients. They spend a lot of time applying for grant funds on behalf of hospice patients and their families who don’t have the finances to meet daily needs and they don’t give up! Many hospice patients and families experience substantial decreases in household income due to the patient’s terminal diagnosis. Some face utility disconnection and home foreclosure as a result. Others simply have no food and need clean water.

One patient, a 70-year-old bedbound man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and cared for by his wife who also has cancer, was living in deplorable conditions. The patient was confined to a small room with poor ventilation in a home without air conditioning. It was difficult for the patient’s wife to spend time with him because the heat in the home was unbearable.

The Heartland Hospice team was able to locate community assistance programs to provide funds for utility bills and groceries for the couple but they were unable to locate a community resource that would assist with the purchase of a small window unit air conditioner. The Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund provided grant funds for the couple to purchase an air conditioner that dramatically improved the patient’s living conditions. The patient was able to spend time with his wife in comfort in the home they shared together. Cool air in the midst of sweltering heat, bringing comfort and a sigh of relief from one very appreciative patient and his wife.

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