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A Passion for Grief Camps

The Bay City Heartland Hospice team is passionate about grief support, especially grief camps for children, teens, adults and families. The Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund has provided funding for these grief camps for over 12 years.

“Sometimes, simply sharing stories of loss can ease the pain of grief.”

Bereavement Coordinator Sue Gentle and the rest of the Bay City team have become experts in grief camp planning. Each camp is strategically planned to provide a safe and caring environment where grief support and education activities are provided to allow campers to navigate the grief journey through self-expression and participation in activities focused on building coping skills.

Great food, campfires, crafts, karaoke, sledding, sporting activities, guest speakers and a myriad of other activities are offered at each camp. However, nearly all campers report that the highlight of each camp is coming together with others who have experienced loss. Due to their loss, they share an understanding as they navigate life without their loved one. Sometimes, simply sharing stories of loss can ease the pain of grief.

If you are interested in attending a single or multiple-day camp, contact the Bay City Heartland Hospice team for more information.

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