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An Extra Set of Hands

Did you know there is one benefit of the Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund that many people never consider? It is one that benefits the primary caregiver.

Too often, caregivers only pay attention to the needs of their loved one who is dying. They give all their resources and energy into taking care of their loved one while forgetting all about themselves.

An Extra Set of Hands

Take a few minutes to give yourself an honest assessment of your life since you have begun palliative care for your loved one. Ask yourself the following questions:

The Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund is available to care for your loved one, but it also offers benefits to you, as well. The Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund provides caregivers a chance to rest their bodies and their minds by easing their day-to-day responsibilities and financial worries, allowing them to spend time with their loved one without having the added exhaustion. You will have more energy so you can focus on your loved one, sharing memories, doing the things he or she loves.

The Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund is an extra set of hands and resources that at a given time you may not have.

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