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Busy Hands, Still Hearts

In her work, Edell’s hands were always in motion. If she was not busy with daily housework, she could be found in the kitchen doing what she personally loved most, cooking. Edell was dedicated and committed to all that she did. She was a faithful worker for over 25 years, with a spotless record. But soon her life changed for the worse.

Busy Hands, Still Hearts

Busy Hands, Still Hearts

Edell became ill, which caused her to quit working. Residing with her daughter, grandchildren and one great grandchild, Edell was the main breadwinner of her household. With her inability to work and no other income at this time, bills escalated quickly, and Edell’s family began to struggle. At one point, the electricity was about to be turned off. This new threat risked worsening Edell’s health because her medical equipment required power. It was then Lettie Pablo-Rivera, a social worker at Edell’s Heartland Hospice location told Edell and her family about the Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund. With Lettie’s help, Edell applied for a grant to help ease the burdens she and her family were trying to overcome. Once the review was finished, the family was notified that they were indeed eligible for grant assistance.

Overwhelmed with gratefulness, relief and still hearts, Edell and her family found reassurance in knowing their electricity was going to remain on. By having this experience, Edell learned that the Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund is very dedicated to helping people. She and her family are so very thankful for assistance but expressed that they were even more grateful to God for having resources such as the Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund available for people in need.

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