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Medal of Honor – Symbol of Appreciation

Heartland Hospice Social Worker Lynn formed a special bond with one or her clients, a Vietnam Veteran who loved to share stories of his service. During one of her visits, Lynn learned that the patient had never received any of the medals awarded for this tour of duty. He had hoped to pass the medals on to his sons before he died.

Immediately, Lynn contacted the Veteran’s Administration and obtained five of the prestigious medals. However, one very important medal was missing. This particular medal was awarded by the Vietnamese government as U.S. troops left Vietnam in 1975. The purpose of this particular medal was to say thank you to our troops for their assistance in fighting the war between North and South Korea.

After laboriously searching the internet, Lynn was eventually able to locate one of the medals and asked the Hospice Memorial Fund to provide the funds to purchase the medal. Lynn went above and beyond by calling the local recruiting office to obtain assistance with presenting the medals to her client.

On a sunny day in June, surrounded by Heartland Hospice staff, volunteers and the patient’s family, a United States Army Sergeant formally presented the patient with the long-awaited medals. As the Sergeant pinned each medal onto this Veteran’s chest, he read a purposeful description of each of them. The emotional celebration left a lasting impression on the patient’s family, especially his brother and two sons.

Within a month after the ceremony, the patient died surrounded by hospice staff with his special friend, Lynn close by. It is with great pride that the Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund staff salutes this soldier and others who have fought for our country.

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