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Peace During A Painful Time

The loss of a loved one is often a time of emotional and financial stress. For a family in Michigan, the loss of four family members in the past three years has been incredibly
difficult. Each of these four individuals received care from Heartland Hospice services.

The first patient was a busy father who provided a loving home for his wife and three sons. Even as his illness progressed, this father worked hard and tolerated his diagnosis of Huntington’s disease as stoically as possible. When his health began to significantly decline, he eventually needed full-time care and hospice services. During the same time, two of this father’s sons, who were also diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, also began to experience a decline in their health. One of the sons required hospice services shortly after his father’s death.

The matriarch of this struggling family cared for her husband and eldest son during their illnesses while also caring for her sister who was also on hospice services. This selfless mother and dedicated sister provided tender care for her family when they were unable to care for themselves. As this loving wife buried her husband, she was continuing to care for her oldest son and her sister. Within three months following her husband’s death, both her son and her sister passed away. Presently, the youngest son’s health is declining, and he has also been placed on hospice services. In order to provide her son with love and comfort during his last months, his mother has welcomed her grown son’s children to live in her home.

This loving mother has sustained her household on a fixed income throughout the years. However, because of the cost of funerals for her oldest son, husband and sister, coupled with the cost of regular household bills and necessities, this 71-year-old caregiver has experienced tremendous financial difficulty. The Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund provided a grant to pay household bills and mortgage payments for this family. The financial assistance enabled the struggling family to stay together and care for one another. The Fund provided peace and financial relief during a very painful time. This devoted wife and mother was able to spend her family members’ final days, caring for and loving them, instead of being worried and anxious about financial obligations.

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