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Planning for End of Life Brings Comfort

Mr. Timmons is 65 years young. He’s known to be an excellent historian for Charleston and the surrounding South Carolina areas. He loves to discuss his beloved city’s culture and share rich stories about the old and new landmarks and events that give Charleston its reputation as being one of the most elegant, historic and mannerly cities in the country.

Soft-spoken and pleasant, Mr. Timmons seldom asks for help of any kind. He never married or had children, relies on his Social Security income and a small food stamp allowance, and lives frugally. Recently, he had to reach out and seek financial assistance after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer. Due to his very limited resources, Mr. Timmons found it difficult to plan for his final arrangements.

Heartland Hospice Social Worker Jeanie Raciti explained the Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund to Mr. Timmons and told him that the fund could help. Funds were awarded to ease Mr. Timmons’ anxiety about his final plans. He was so appreciative and wanted desperately to give back to the fund but had no money, so he donated some of his personal belongings to the yard sale fundraiser. He said that he felt a tremendous sense of peace because he was able to give back to the Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund.

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