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Resorting to Drastic Measures

While receiving hospice care, Roger’s daughter, Laura, and her husband, Robert, were needed to provide continuous care for him.  This meant that Laura had to stop working, and the family had to rely on Roger’s meager social security income to pay household bills.  Roger tried to help his family financially so they could care for him; he even purchased his daughter’s home so she wouldn’t have to worry about mortgage payments. Money was tight as Laura, her husband and her three daughters under the age of 16, spent many months caring for the patient and spending time together before Roger passed away.

Roger died in January, leaving his family with no income.  Laura’s husband worked construction and work was scarce until the summer months.  The family resorted to drastic measures to stay in their home together after Roger’s passing.  At one point, desperate for heat, the family cut and burned their kitchen table.  The Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund provided a Caregiver Transition grant for Roger’s family to purchase wood for heat and pay their Consumer’s Energy bill.  This allowed the family to remain in their home together throughout the winter months, adjusting to life without Roger.

Bereavement Coordinator, Eric Swinson, said, “This family was so grateful for the financial assistance. Laura gave me a big hug followed by three little hugs from the kids and then followed by a firm handshake from Robert. He looked me straight in the eye and said “thank you, I don’t know what we would have done without you.” Since then I have continued my bereavement visits and the family is doing great. Laura has got a promotion at work and Robert has also been working some side jobs as well. All their bills are caught up and the oldest daughter was even able to get a homecoming dress which she was so proud of. This help really helped them during one of their darkest hours and allow them the time they needed to mourn, as well as, give them time to get back on their feet.”

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