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Simple Gifts

Being responsible for a person’s quality of life seems daunting. Often times, we make caregiving more difficult than it needs to be. The Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund has awarded thousands of grants with the intended purpose of improving many patient’s quality of life by providing wish fulfillment. Yes, many of these grants involve special celebrations, family trips or travel, but some are quite simple.

One patient’s weekly beauty salon visits had to be discontinued after she moved to a nursing home; another patient could no longer afford the subscription for his favorite newspaper. Both of these situations caused sadness and anxiety for the patients. Many patients and their family members lack the funds needed to reunite with loved ones or experience one last trip together. Whether enjoying a trip to Disney World, quietly spending time with a cherished loved one, reading the newspaper or enjoying a few hours at the salon, the focus is on improving the lives of patients and families during life’s most difficult days.

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